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Why Cirrus?
Why use us? Why did we create Cirrus?

Cirrus was created because the principal behind it had had enough of working as part of a conglomerate, and wanted to enjoy the freedom of freelancing. What we have here is an association of freelancers: people who choose to work for themselves. This type of consultant tends to have a more balanced approach to life than the utilisation-driven variety, and has the added advantage that - by definition - those who are independent are those who can survive on their own wits and skills. These are the kind of people you want to hire as consultants.

Why use us?
Who you see is who you get. We are painfully aware that what we do must be good, or the next job will be a long time coming. Rather than contracting with a consulting firm that will (let's be honest) put together a team for your project based on who is currently available and needs the experience, we will put you in touch with the best resources to help you with your problem. If we can't help, then we'll say so. We will always be happy to provide advice, but we will be very unwilling to provide advisors on a fee if we don't believe that we have what you need. If nothing else, our associates won't work on things they can't do very well.


People who are only good with hammers see every problem as a nail.

 Abraham Maslow


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