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Cirrus Consulting is a Cape Town based network of independent consultants who work separately or together to deliver significant value to their clients. To freelance consultants, we offer a gathering point, and to clients, we offer access to a network of people who live and die by the quality of their work. You can assemble the right team for the job from those you see here and their networks.

There are no large companies here, no fresh graduates, no bait and switch of novice for the experienced consultant you thought you had hired. We know that we are only as good as our last project, and that we survive on our reputations. We work hard to ensure that we deliver on our clients' expectations to our own high standards.




I keep six honest serving men,
(They taught me all I knew),
Their names are What and Why and When,
And How and Where and Who.

The Elephant's Child, Just So Stories ~ Rudyard Kipling


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