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How do we work?
Our approach and style

In many talent driven industries, such as movie making, teams are assembled for specific tasks, they do the job and move on. The same approach works in consulting, and means that you pick the right skills for what you need to do, slot people into their roles, and let them get on with it.

We work as individuals, with all that that entails. It means that you will not necessarily contract with Cirrus: you will work out a deal with the consultant whose services you would like to use. After that, it's up to you and the consultant: how he or she works, and how you work together, is up to you, collectively. There are some things that bind us, though, and we attempt to capture these below.

We enjoy what we do, and derive enormous satisfaction from making a difference. Engineers often make good consultants: it's that desire to create something new and better that you can take pride in. As with most people, we enjoy our work when we are good at it, which is another reason that we don't tend to work outside our fields of expertise: see "what do we do?".

As far as style, we tend to be collaborative, i.e. we work with you: creating and seeding new ways of doing things is far more effective and satisfying that writing an exhaustive report full of recommendations. We should have changed the way you do things for the better by the time we leave. The changes may be small, but their impact should be apparent and significant. By working with a team of your people, we leverage our involvement, delivering results and high value.


The task is not to see what nobody else has seen. It is rather to see what everybody else has seen and think what nobody else has thought.

 Arthur Schopenhauer


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