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Paul La Cock


Paul is an independent actuary specialising in healthcare funding, an area he has worked in for 10 years. He provides advice and consulting services to medical schemes and pharmaceutical companies on a wide range of topics. The common thread through this work is the modelling and synthesis of future financial, demographic and health outcomes - methodologies that can be applied in a wide range of industries.

Prior to going independent in 2007 Paul had worked for Old Mutual for 18 years. At the time of resigning from Old Mutual Paul was responsible for the managed care and actuarial consulting divisions of Old Mutual Healthcare. Before moving into the healthcare field Paul was the Chief Actuary for Old Mutual in Zimbabwe.

Paul is a member of the Healthcare Committee and the NHI Task Team of the Actuarial Society of South Africa, and was chairman of the Healthcare Committee up until February this year. He is also a member of the Risk Equalisation Technical Advisory Panel (RETAP) which provides input to the Council for Medical Schemes and the Department of Health on matters relating to the Risk Equalisation Fund and Prescribed Minimum Benefits.


BSc (Hons) - Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science - University of Cape Town
Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa
Post-graduate diploma - Healthcare Funding - University of Cape Town
Paul is busy with a Masters Degree in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics - University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

On the side:

In his spare time Paul runs an online liquor store specialising in premium whiskies - Aficionados


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