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Myles Bing


Myles uses music, technology and a highly interactive, facilitation process to produce surprisingly high quality, completely original, spontaneously written and recorded songs with corporate clients in training & team-building events. After having been in operation for only a few months, his clients already included First Facilitation [Clicks Executive Programme, Fairheads], Louis Group International & Beyond Education [N.G.O.].

Interestingly, the delegates require absolutely no musicality and are themselves surprised by their own creativity & results.

The facilitated song-writing process lends itself well to exploring issues of confidence in the work place, problem solving, decision making, creative thinking, presentation skills, group dynamic & team work.

Myles believes in the inherent ability of every single person to be creative, regardless of age or stage, and that each individual's outward expression of this creativity is their entirely unique gift to others.

Myles has 16 years primary school teaching experience, 6 years pastoral ministry experience, many years of public musical performance experience, is an accomplished public speaker & has produced 4 of his own albums. Myles has an ability to put people at ease and his extensive exposure to conference speaking, position him as an engaging public speaker/ facilitator/ motivator - without the music! As a qualified teacher, his training enables him to crystallize key ideas & make difficult things simple to understand & easy to remember. He is able to take key concepts & develop "lessons" that explore these from multiple angles & in a variety of ways.

Outloud Music boasts a completely mobile professional recording unit which can be employed to add full musical backings on site. Delegates can leave the training/ team-build event with their own personalized, digitally & musically enhanced CD recording of their work.

Sample experience:

Consolidation & reinforcement of core concepts related to Presentation Skills Training through discussion & facilitation of a co-operatively written & performed song. Significant to this event was the way in which the process supported the confidence of this group to present material in a public forum. Each delegate received a personalized CD which was professionally recorded, mastered & musically enhanced as an individual "take home" and reminder of the training. Practical demonstration of the brain-storming process which can be used to great effect in decision making. This programme was presented to hotel staff and was extended to include an opportunity to celebrate and underscore the value of team.

Through a stand-alone song-writing exercise, explored the value of team dynamics with corporate executives and the connection between diversity and the synergy of the group. An incredible song that became an anthem for this diverse, energetic, motivated, creative group.


Bachelor of Primary Education - University of Cape Town [1988]

Personal etc:

Myles is married with 3 children, enjoys making music, playing in the sea and the mountains, sketching, painting, good coffee, gardening and hanging out with his friends & family.


If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, I will answer you: "I am here to live out loud"

 Emile Zola
French Novelist, critic & activist


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