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Kathy Lewis


Kathy is an organisation development and learning specialist. She designs and facilitates leadership and management development, planning and review, team development and creative thinking processes.

Kathy has seventeen years' experience in South African organisations. She has been a executive in the education sector and her broad knowledge of adult learning and business combined with her capacity for strategic thinking enable her to design processes where lasting learning is possible.

She is fascinated by how to create contexts where adults can learn to fulfil their creative capacity, engage wholeheartedly in what they do and contribute fully in their work and life contexts. The ultimate objective of her work is that organisations achieve sustainable high performance and continuously improving productivity.

Kathy's work is based on five principles:

  1. Our capacity to learn and grow is infinite and does not diminish as we age.
  2. We are all creative.
  3. We seek pleasure/satisfaction.
  4. We derive pleasure/satisfaction from doing things well.
  5. We can become wise.

Past employers include the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and the Institute of Administration & Commerce of Southern Africa.

Clients include Pick n Pay, Transnet, Old Mutual Business School, Sun International, the Western Cape Department of Local Government and Housing, the Gordon Institute of Business Science, Henley Management College (SA), the Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands) and the Council on Higher Education (SA).

Sample experience:

Design and facilitation of a middle management development programme for a large financial services firm. Over a three-year period some 200 high potential individuals completed a programme that fast-tracked their development for senior positions, impacted significantly on business culture and awarded them a university certificate giving them access to further studies, including MBA programmes.

Facilitation of strategic review and planning for an NGO providing psycho-social support for HIV positive children and their families to support formalisation and growth made possible by a five-year grant from an international donor agency.

Design and facilitation of a process to unleash creativity for teachers in a primary school. The school wanted to develop a total learning environment. The teachers used creative methods to envision their classrooms and the school as an innovative place for learning and learned some tools to use with the children they teach.

Coaching teams of professionals on a 'train the trainer' programme in the development sector in Uganda. Kathy coached participants to manage client engagements in the practical part of the training. Trainee teams reported significant growth in personal insight and interpersonal skills. As a result of the trainees' intervention, one of the client organisations identified a viable way to become more self-funding and therefore less dependent on donors.

Principal researcher for a review of training structure, philosophy and delivery for a diversified parastatal. Recommendations were made on restructuring and aligning the entire training function to enable the organisation to pursue its business goals.

Evaluation of the impact on productivity and morale of a coaching programme for senior managers in a government department. Recommendations made enabled the department to shape its requirements for further coaching programmes so that organisational goals were more effectively served.


BA, MBA, Higher Diploma in Education - University of the Witwatersrand.
Higher Diploma in Librarianship & Information Science - University of Cape Town.
Courses in various facilitation methods, including Participlan.

Personal etc:

Kathy lives with her partner and wilful ginger cat. She walks in the mountains and swims, enjoys cooking and writes poetry when the mood takes her. She represents a US-based charity in South Africa and mentors students at TSiBA, a private college in Cape Town that offers a fully funded Bachelor of Business Administration degree to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Most learning is not the result of instruction. It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting.

 Ivan Illich


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