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James Adlard


James is a strategic change consultant with particular interests in business model analysis and the alignment of shared services functions - particularly IT - to deliver maximum value to the enterprise. Past employers include Gartner, the Carbon Trust, Barclays and Barclaycard. Clients are predominantly from the financial services, public and retail sectors.

Sample experience:

Led the development of the business case for a very large investment in transformation within an insurance business. Working most closely with the Head of Insurance Services and the CIO, this engagement was focused on ensuring the development of a sound and complete case well-grounded in the realities of the business. The work included presenting, discussing and reviewing the substance of the case with each member of the Executive Committee.

Analysis of IT investment strategies within the Life and Pensions business of a large financial services group, to produce a report for the Group Board demonstrating alignment of IT investment strategies with Group strategy.

Development of a model identifying IT capabilities specifically supporting strategic differentiation within an investment environment. The model provides a sound basis for review of governance, prioritisation, services and charge-back frameworks for shared services.

Review and analysis of business models of a large retail group's furniture businesses to identify inconsistencies and opportunities for innovation and transformation.

Development of a unifying IT strategic plan for provincial government, aligned to a wide range of national and regional imperatives, spanning multiple departments. This work included development of key communications for the Premier and Cabinet.


Bachelor of Education - Rhodes University
BA (Law) - Rhodes University

Personal etc:

James is married and has 3 young children that he enjoys spending time entertaining.


It is by logic we prove, but by intuition we discover.

 Leonardo da Vinci


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